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Time-series of ocean mass component of global mean sea level (GMSL) derived from  GRACE, along with GMSL estimated from altimetry. Both data have had annual variations removed and have been smoothed with a 2-month boxcar. The data for the filtered curve shown above can be downloaded from here. The altimetry data are from R. Steven Nerem at the University of Colorado, and can be downloaded from here. Unfiltered time-series of ocean mass variations in mm of sea level can be downloaded here.


Standard deviation of residuals of GRACE minus model ocean bottom pressure for Release-04 (left) and the new Release-05 (right) data. Both maps are based on destriped GRACE gravity coefficients with an additional 300 km Gaussian smoothing. From Chambers and Bonin (2012).


Maps of monthly ocean bottom pressure in cm of equivalent water layer based on updated Release-05 products, available from here.


Updated 11 Feb 2013